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PocketDrum 2 Plus

PocketDrum 2 Plus

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What About The Air Drum Sound

Just like playing acoustic drums and cymbals.

Take It Anywhere

PoceketDrum, which has only 62g weight to fit in your pocket, is designed to be played anytime, anywhere, whether you're indoors, outdoors, performing on stage, or traveling.



Different from traditional drum kits, PocketDrum takes up no space. With just a speaker or headphone, you can easily bring your music to life and enjoy the ultimate drumming experience.



PocketDrum produces minimal noise, making it an ideal option for playing without disturbing your neighbors or colleagues.



How It Works


Drummers' Opinions

Listen to what @66Samus said


Authentic Drumming Experience


Target Users for PocketDrum


learning in app with thousands of music

Entertainment & game modes for added fun

1/3 the cost of traditional drum sets


New Version Update

About AeroBand

Founded in 2016, AeroBand is committed to sharing the joy of playing and producing music with people all over the world. Our previous Indiegogo campaigns of PocketDrum have garnered likes from over 9000 backers.

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